StudentsAre you looking for a debt-free alternative to the 4-Year College Degree (or to add mentoring before finishing your degree)?

  • Do you also want to get linked into a professional career  while learning and applying academics?

EmployersAre you looking to save money and improve results in developing the best Entry Level Professionals?

  • Do you also want to attract, retain and incentivize your senior staff?


Existing EmployeesAre you finished with school and looking for mentoring to enhance your career? 

For further details, see the company Brochure, Education Options and Safeguards tabs under this section.

Check out the Introduction to Modern College, Brief History and College Experience tabs in the University Model section to see how the "college bubble" was created in the first place... and what you won't be "missing" if you decide to use The Mentor Model.

To schedule a free 30-minute Presentation contact Steve at the email below. The free Presentation is a limited offer and may involve travel expenses if outside the DFW area.

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The Mentor Model combines the long-proven success of the Apprentice Model, with modern technology and innovative Safeguards.

The Mentor Model for entry-level staff consists of:

  • Recruit good students with 1-2 years of College.

  • Business Integration and Individual Curriculum Building.

  • Transition Period for Jr. Staff: Replace the last 1-2 years of a typical 4-Year College Degree with a similar time of both academic study & on-the-job training while the Jr. Staff also gets paid.

  • Weekly blend of “learn & apply” under the guidance of experienced professionals and real projects.

  • Program Oversight and other Safeguards.

  • Graduate to a full-time salary after 1-2 years… or return to college having gained valuable work experience.

The Mentor Model for existing staff consists of a simplified version of the above. See FAQ #17 for further details.